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10. Law 10 - Preparation and Maintenance of the Playing Area

1. Law 1 - The Players

2. Law 2 - Substitutes and Runners, Batsman or Fielder Leaving the Field, Batsman Retiring, Batsman Commencing Innings

3. Law 3 - The Umpires

4. Law 4 - The Scorers

5. Law 5 - The Ball

6. Law 6 - The Bat

7. Law 7 - The Pitch

8. Law 8 - The Wickets

9. Law 9 - The Bowling, Popping and Return Creases

10. Law 10 - Preparation and Maintenance of the Playing Area

11. Law 11 - Covering the Pitch

12. Law 12 - Innings

13. Law 13 - The Follow-on

14. Law 14 - Declaration and Forfeiture

15. Law 15 - Intervals

16. Law 16 - Start of Play; Cessation of Play

17. Law 17 - Practice on the Field

18. Law 18 - Scoring Runs

19. Law 19 - Boundaries

20. Law 20 - Lost Ball

21. Law 21 - The Result

22. Law 22 - The Over

23. Law 23 - Dead Ball

24. Law 24 - No Ball

25. Law 25 - Wide Ball

26. Law 26 - Bye and Leg Bye

27. Law 27 - Appeals

28. Law 28 - The Wicket is Down

29. Law 29 - Batsman out of His Ground

30. Law 30 - Bowled

31. Law 31 - Timed Out

32. Law 32 - Caught

33. Law 33 - Handled the Ball

34. Law 34 - Hit the Ball Twice

35. Law 35 - Hit Wicket

36. Law 36 - Leg Before Wicket

37. Law 37 - Obstructing the Field

38. Law 38 - Run Out

39. Law 39 - Stumped

40. Law 40 - The Wicket-Keeper

41. Law 41 - Fielder

42. Law 42 - Fair and Unfair Play











9.1 Rolling

The pitch shall not be rolled during the match except as permitted in clauses 9.1.1 and 9.1.2.

9.1.1 Frequency and duration of rolling

During the match the pitch may be rolled at the request of the captain of the side batting second, for a period of not more than 7 minutes, before the start of the second innings.

9.1.2 Rolling after a delayed start

In addition to the rolling permitted above, if, after the toss and before the first innings of the match, the start is delayed, the captain of the batting side may request that the pitch be rolled for not more than 7 minutes. However, if the umpires together agree that the delay has had no significant effect on the state of the pitch, they shall refuse such request for rolling of the pitch.9.1.3 Choice of rollers

If there is more than one roller available the captain of the batting side shall choose which one is to be used.

The following shall apply in addition to clause 9.1:

9.1.4 Prior to the scheduled time for the toss, the artificial drying of the pitch and outfield shall be at the discretion of the Ground Authority. Thereafter and throughout the match the drying of the outfield may be undertaken at any time by the Ground Authority, but the drying of the affected area of the pitch shall be carried out only on the instructions and under the supervision of the umpires. The umpires shall be empowered to have the pitch dried without reference to the captains at any time they are of the opinion that it is unfit for play.9.1.5 The umpires may instruct the Ground Authority to use any available equipment, including any roller for the purpose of drying the pitch and making it fit for play.

9.1.6 An absorbent roller may be used to remove water from the covers including the cover on the match pitch.

9.2 Clearing debris from the pitch

9.2.1 The pitch shall be cleared of any debris between innings. This shall precede rolling if any is to take place.

9.2.2 The clearance of debris in clause9.2.1 shall be done by sweeping, except where the umpires consider that this may be detrimental to the surface of the pitch. In this case the debris must be cleared from that area by hand, without sweeping.

9.2.3 In addition to clause9.2.1, debris may be cleared from the pitch by hand, without sweepingand whenever either umpire considers it necessary.

9.3 Mowing

9.3.1 Responsibility for mowing All mowings which are carried out before the match shall be the soleresponsibility of the Ground Authority.

9.4 Watering the pitch

The pitch shall not be watered during the match.

9.5 Re-marking creases

Creases shall be re-marked whenever either umpire considers it necessary.

9.6 Maintenance of footholes

The umpires shall ensure that the holes made by the bowlers and batsmen are cleaned outand dried whenever necessary to facilitate play.

The umpires shall allow, if necessary, the returfingof footholes made by the bowlers in their delivery strides, or the use of quick-settingfillings for the same purpose.

In addition, the umpires shall see that wherever possible and whenever it is considered necessary, action is taken during all intervals in play to do whatever is practicable to improve the bowler’s footholes. 

9.7 Securing of footholds and maintenance of pitch

During play, umpires shall allow the players to secure their footholds by the use of sawdustprovided that no damage to the pitch is caused and that clause41 (Unfair play) is notcontravened.

9.8 Protection and preparation of adjacent pitches during matches

The protection (by way of an appropriate cover) and preparation of pitches which are adjacent to the match pitch will be permitted during the match subject to the following:

9.8.1 Such measures will only be possible if requested by the Ground Authority and approved by the umpires before the start of the match.

9.8.2 Approval should only be granted where such measures are unavoidable and will not compromise the safety of the players or their ability to execute their actions with complete freedom.

9.8.3 The preparation work shall be carried out under the supervision of the fourth umpire.

9.8.4 The consent of the captains is not required but the umpires shall advise both captains and the IPL Match Referee before the start of the match on what has been agreed.