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BCCI approved – in relation to any Logo, means approved by BCCI in accordance with the procedure set out below, as qualifying as a Manufacturer’s Logo, a Commercial Logo, a Team Logo or a Player’s Bat Logo (as the case may be) and as not being a Betting Logo, and as being otherwise in accordance with these Regulations.

IPL Chief Operating Officer – means the person appointed by BCCI from time to time as the IPL Chief Operating Officer (or his/her designee).

BCCI General Manager Cricket Operations – means the person appointed by BCCI from time to time as the BCCI General Manager Cricket Operations (or his/her designee).

BCCI Honorary Secretary – means the person elected by BCCI from time to time as the BCCI Honorary Secretary.

Betting Logo – a Logo which is either perceived, or likely to be perceived,by spectators and viewers, as being associated or connected in some way with betting, gaming or gambling of any kind.

Commercial Logo – any BCCI approved Logo other than a Team Logo, Manufacturer’s Logo and the VIVO IPL Competition Logo.

Cricket Clothing – shirts, t-shirts, skins, trousers, sweaters, caps, hats, helmets, wristbands, headbands, sunglasses or other headwear.

Cricket Equipment – bats, pads, boots, shoes, gloves (batting or wicket-keeping), thigh pads, arm guards and other visible protective equipment.

ICC – means the International Cricket Council.

Logo – means any form of identification or branding including (withoutlimitation) any corporate name, business name, internet domain name, title, flag, emblem, crest, mascot or trademark (whether registered ornot and including any symbol, device or colour(s) which functions or is intended to function as a trademark).

Manufacturer – in relation to any item of Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment, “Manufacturer” shall mean any entity carrying on the business of both:

a) manufacturing or procuring the manufacture of the CricketEquipment or the Cricket Clothing of the type in question; and
b) supplying it from readily available stock for sale throughout outlets of several kinds to members of the public in a country which is a member of ICC, with the aid of published price lists and catalogues, and with profit directly from the sale of such Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment as its main aim.

An entity not otherwise within this definition shall not qualify as a Manufacturer by reason of it being associated in business with, or a company in the same group of companies as a Manufacturer.

No entity shall qualify as a Manufacturer of any item of Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment by virtue of its involvement in the manufacture of Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment of any other type. In particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing), no entity shall qualify as a Manufacturer of bats by reason of its manufacture of anyother item of Cricket Equipment or Cricket Clothing.

An entity which as of October 2001 qualified as a “Manufacturer” under the ICC regulations at the time but which would not otherwise qualify as a Manufacturer hereunder shall be deemed to continue to qualify as a Manufacturer provided the Logo of any such entity shall not thereby qualify as a Manufacturer’s Logo if it is a Betting Logo.

Manufacturer’s Identification – a BCCI approved identification of the Manufacturer of the item of Cricket Equipment or Cricket Clothing in question excluding, however:

A) any Logo which (notwithstanding some connection with a Manufacturer) is also (either at the time of its adoption or subsequently) a Logo of, confusingly similar to or which suggests a connection with any entity which is not a Manufacturer; and
B) any Betting Logo,

provided, however, that BCCI may (in its sole discretion) approve as a Manufacturer’s Identification, a Logo of an entity which, although not already a Manufacturer, is nevertheless a manufacturer of sports clothing and/or sports equipment other than Cricket Clothing and Cricket Equipment.

For the purpose of these Regulations, all Manufacturers’ Identification shall fall into one of the following four categories:

• Design Feature – means any design feature of a Manufacturer which is distinctive to that Manufacturer and is used for the purposes of brand identification and/or cosmetic appeal but which does not contain any Manufacturer’s Logo. Please note that a Design Feature may not be displayed on Team Clothing.
• Manufacturer’s Logo – means a BCCI approved Logo of a Manufacturer but shall not include any Design Feature.
• Official Product – means the label which identifies an item as an official product of the Manufacturer.
• Quality Feature – means the label of the Manufacturer which promotes a quality feature used by the Manufacturer.

Match – any match in the IPL and any friendly match featuring an IPL team or as defined by the BCCI from time to time.

Personal Message – means any message conveyed by a player in the manner contemplated by clause C.6 below.

Playing Clothing – means the clothing provided by the franchise and worn by players during IPL Matches – being Playing Shirt, Playing Sweater, Playing Trousers and Playing Headwear.

Player’s Bat Logo – means a BCCI approved Logo of a sponsor of a player to be carried on the player’s bat; provided that such Logo shall not be either:
A) of, or confusingly similar to, or likely to be perceived as suggesting a connection with:
I) an entity which operates in a product category of any one of the league central sponsors or any of the player’s Franchise Principal Sponsors, or
II) a Manufacturer, other than the Manufacturer of the bat that it is to be carried on;

B) a Betting Logo, or
C) otherwise inappropriate as determined by BCCI in its sole discretion.

BCCI shall have the final say in determining whether any such conflict or circumstances exist and no player may pursue any action against BCCI or against his franchise should he be precluded from displaying a Player’s Bat Logo by reason of the same.

Practice Clothing – means clothing worn by the players for practice sessions (e.g. tracksuits, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.).

Replica Clothing – means a copy of the Playing Clothing worn by the players during Matches,which is produced for retail sale or other commercial or promotionalpurposes.

Team Clothing – means the Playing Clothing (Playing Shirt, Playing Sweater, Playing Headwear and Playing Trousers) along with Practice Clothing and bibs.

Team Logo – a BCCI approved Logo of a franchise.

VIVO IPL Competition Logo – the league Logo which incorporates the league marks and the name and/or Logo of the title sponsor.