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April 9 - May 29 2016

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    We need to bounce back: Bichel

    CSK bowling coach talks about his team’s chances ahead of RR game

    By IPL Staff
    Jaipur 10 May 2012
    With won point separating the two on the points table, the Chennai Super Kings will take on the rejuvenated Rajasthan Royals at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium tomorrow. Speaking to the media ahead of the match, CSK bowling coach Andy Bichel discussed his team composition and more.

    Excerpts from his pre-match press conference:

    On the loss against Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium

    That was chance for us. As a group, we are playing well. [...] I think that only comes back to the individual [to come back]. They [CSK] can bounce back from the loss like that, so that’s the important part for them; [it] is to make sure that they take the good stuff out of the game that did and put in the rest of the season.

    On their position in the points table

    [...] We would like to be more up the [points] table but it is important how we bounce back as individuals; and that shows character in this team. The test will really be tomorrow night and how we bounce back.

    On what went wrong this season

    If you take the teams who are at the top of the table [...] [like] [Virender] Sehwag’s [Delhi Daredevils, they] have not only scored runs in the tournament, but they have also finished games – and Kevin Pietersen been part of that. There are number of guys that are playing well, but they are also finishing games . So finishing the games is the one for us that we hadn’t had someone. Faf du Plessis has scored around 380 runs [but] we haven’t had someone that’s just gone out there and finished the game off. There is the chance for our batting group and also a chance for our bowling group [to perform]. In Twenty20 cricket, there is one every game that you play. But I think [in the] process [if we would have] more consistency, [it] would be a lot better for us throughout this tournament.

    On Michael Hussey

    [...] if you look at Mike Hussey last year, his influence on the squad at the top of the order was the same influence that Shane Watson has had since he has arrived [in the Rajasthan Royals squad]. They are that sort of players, doing well on the world stage coming in and […] into the IPL. They have heavily influenced the teams. [Rajasthan Royals] have covered that well. [...] Brad Hodge has done very well and Shane [Watson] has come in to complement that and I think that is one of the parts that we have missed a little bit. I think in the sense that Mike, we really missed him on field and more so in the off-field stuff as well.

    On whether they have any special plans for Watson

    He is a quality player. He has played well in the last twelve months for Australia and in the last year’s IPL as well for Rajasthan. So there is not much room for error against good players. It is a challenge for our bowlers to make sure that they are asking those questions around good length. That’s the one I am setting the right field. [There’s] no set plan. I think, you have little set place here and there that might work. It ultimately comes to the day and to the individual to execute that plan.

    On whether they need to add pace to their bowling and team for tomorrow

    We have got Dougie [Doug Bollinger]. [...] He is quick and swinging the ball. He has got pace that he has had before. He is up for selection in the team tomorrow. But we will have to wait and see and [also] see what the conditions are again tomorrow [and then decide].

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