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April 9 - May 29 2016

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    Don’t be a sheep: KP

    Be yourself; be different, says Daredevil Pietersen

    New Delhi 10 April 2012
    Whether it’s with a colour-tinged Mohawk or the innovative ‘palti-hit’, KP has been a trendsetter both on and off the field. The charismatic batsman, who occupies the sporting stratosphere, would choose to be a pilot in a non-cricketing life. We take off on a flight of fancy with one of IPL’s most colourful personalities, Kevin Pietersen.

    Excerpts from KP’s brunch-time chat with iplt20.com: 

    1. Nickname:

    2. Idol:
    My little boy, Dylan

    3. Life’s mantra:
    What will be, will be. I try as hard as I can to give myself the best opportunity to be successful 

    4. Favourite cuisine:

    5. Favourite beverage:
    I’m not really a big drinker. I don’t have a favourite drink
    6. I can’t do without:

    7. Favourite movie:

    8. Favourite band:
    I listen to all sorts of different music. I don’t have a favourite band

    9. Style statement:
    Be yourself. Don’t be a sheep; don’t follow [others]. Be yourself; be different 

    10. Favourite TV series:

    11. Best pal in cricket:
    I have lots of very good friends in cricket but I like to keep my best friends away from cricket.

    12. Best bowler I’ve faced:
    Mohammad Asif 

    13. Worst bowler I’ve faced:
    I wouldn’t like to say.

    14. Favourite shot:
    My favourite regulation shot is the drive down the ground because then I know that I am playing well. Then the switch-hit is something that I was lucky enough to bring into the game. It changed the game, which was cool. That’s what I am known for and it’s a pretty good shot. The palti hit!

    15. Best bowler in the world:
    Saeed Ajmal

    16. Best batsman in the world:
    Jacques Kallis

    17. Favourite stadium in the world: Adelaide Oval

    18. Best innings: I have had a few enjoyable ones. I think the toughest one is the 151 in Colombo. It’s been the toughest innings I have ever played because of the pure heat.

    19. If I weren’t a cricketer I’d be a: Pilot

    20. Bowler I wouldn’t want to face right now: Mohammad Asif

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