I bat as per my team's needs: Ojha

Delhi Daredevils’ wicketkeeper-batsman relies on focus to adapt to various batting positions

Jaipur 01 May 2012
An absolute team man, Naman Ojha of the Delhi Daredevils defied health concerns to join his team ahead of IPL 2012. The wicketkeeper-batsman has been flexible when it comes to his batting position and has adjusted his game to meet his team’s needs. He has also managed to put up an impressive performance so far.

Speaking to, Ojha revealed how he adapts to various situations, and works on his game and fitness.

Excerpts from his brief interaction:

On being unwell before joining DD, and how he is managing to stay fit

I was unwell. I had jaundice, so I was trying to [eat] less oily food and rest. Taking rest was important, because I had become very weak. So, I try and eat safe food.

I shouldn’t have really played, but still I took a risk and played, and it paid off. I performed well and now also I ensure that I eat the right kind of food and rest properly.

On adapting to the various forms of cricket

The four-day format is very important. If you do well there, then you can adapt to any format. Twenty20 cricket seems easy, but it is not; it is difficult. You have to remain focused and not get too excited and control your shots.

On how he mentally trains for that

We have a yoga teacher who teaches us techniques of yoga and that helps

On who has been working with for his wicketkeeping

Kiran More sir coaches me for my keeping. I go to him and learn. He guides me. And I continue to work hard on the ground, and that is helping me improve. I am confident that I am doing the best keeping this season.

On which international wicketkeeper he tries to emulate

All the keepers in international cricket are good. There is MS Dhoni; Mathew Wade from Australia is also good.

[But] I haven’t spoken to Dhoni about keeping in particular.

On how he adjusts to batting lower down the order after being an opener

It is a little difficult, but according to the team’s requirement you have to play [wherever required]. Try to perform well wherever I get the opportunity. It is different to bat up the order and lower down the order. When you are batting up the order, you can take some time [...] but when you are playing lower down the order you don’t have time; you have to play the shots, so it is a little challenging. So, it is important that you have to back yourself

On what he has learnt from DD teammate, Mahela Jayawardene

Batting is always the same; it is the attitude that he has, which is very important. He plays all matches with the same intensity, whether it [is] for Sri Lanka or a Twenty20 match for DD. And he contributes the same things in the same way in the team meeting. I think that is important. These are the things that you have to learn. Otherwise in cricket, after a point, there isn’t anything that different. It is the mental strength and attitude that is important. […]
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