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April 9 - May 29 2016

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    I want to fix the world: Gayle

    RCB batsman smacks a few sixes off the field

    Bengaluru 15 April 2012
    He smothers the leather off a cricket ball for fun. He likes to groove on the dance floor after a hard day on the field. He tattoos fancy designs on his body when he’s bored. And he doesn’t mind a bit of bling on himself, in the form of glittering accessories and embellished clothing.

    Chris Gayle is the quintessential Jamaican cricketer with swagger written all over him. A predator with a bat in his hand, Gayle transforms into a cool dude off the field. Iplt20.com caught up with the hottest star of the Royal Challengers Bangalore for a fun-filled rapid fire Q&A session. Here’s what we got:

    The hardest hitter of the cricket ball in the world is
    Chris Gayle.

    One thing I cannot live without is money.

    My motto in life is pretty simple. Live life to the fullest.

    I don’t have a particular style statement. What defines me is that I’m a cool guy to be around.

    Leon Garrick is my best friend in cricket. He’s from Jamaica as well and played one Test and three ODIs for the West Indies. He’s retired now.

    My favourite non-cricketing sportsperson is Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt. It was good fun playing cricket with Bolt once. He bowled to me and got me out. That made the experience special for him.

    The toughest bowler I’ve faced till date is Lasith Malinga.

    The easiest bowler would be Kevin Pietersen.

    My most memorable cricketing moment was the triple-century (333) I scored against Sri Lanka.

    The shot I love playing the most is the six straight down the ground.

    If I weren’t a cricketer, I’d be a footballer. I’d be a striker just like Ronaldo.

    My dream vehicle is the BMW convertible.

    If I could get one superpower, I’d like to be invisible – the man that nobody can see. I’d be invisible and fix the world.

    On a deserted island, I’d like to be with my family and lovely girlfriend.

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