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    Ex-cricketers to receive cash tributes at IPL Playoffs

    Select former players to be honoured at playoff venues

    By IPL desk
    Mumbai 21 May 2012
    Date: 21 May 2012


    The Playoff matches of the DLF IPL 2012 will witness a tribute by the BCCI to its greats, the likes of which has no parallels in history.

    The surplus revenue to BCCI from IPL and CLT20 will be utilised to make a one-time payment to international and first-class cricketers who retired before 2004, in recognition of their services to Indian cricket. A total of Rs. 70 crores will be distributed among these stalwarts.

    Widows of deceased cricketers will also be eligible for the one-time payment.

    The beneficiaries have been divided into the following categories:  


    Cricketers who have played more than 100 Test matches

    1.5 Crore  


    Cricketers who have played between 75 & 99 Test matches 

    1.0 Crore  


    Cricketers who have played between 50 & 74 Test matches

    75 Lakhs  


    Cricketers who have played between 25 & 49 Test matches

    60 Lakhs  


    Cricketers who have played between 10 & 24 Test matches

    50 Lakhs  


    Cricketers who have played between 1 & 9 Test matches

    35 Lakhs  


    and who have played their last international match before 1970



    Cricketers who have played 100 and more First Class matches

    30 Lakhs  


    Cricketers who have played between 75 & 99 First Class matches

    25 Lakhs 

    As per the system worked out by the Board, three ODIs will be considered the equivalent of one Test match. Accordingly, a cricketer who may have played, say only one Test, but a hundred ODIs, will be considered part of the ‘between 25 and 49 Tests’ bracket.

    Some of the beneficiaries have been invited to the DLF IPL 2012 Playoff venues. They will be presented their respective cheques before the start of the Playoff matches. It is practically difficult to invite all the beneficiaries for the matches, and hence, the others will be sent the cheques.

    For list comprising the names of the beneficiaries (and widows) who have been invited to each of the four Playoff venues, click here.

    N. Srinivasan

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