Player Identification is the player’s name and number as displayed on his Cricket Clothing.

E.1 Playing Shirt and Sweaters
A player’s name and number must correctly reflect the identity of the player and must be positioned on the Playing Shirts and Playing Sweaters as indicated in Diagram B.

The player name and number must be entirely visible when the Playing Shirt is tucked into the Playing Trousers. There must be ample space between each letter and between the name and the number so that both name and number are clearly legible. The name must be positioned so as to not cross over any seams on the shirt.

Letters and numbers will be provided to franchises by BCCI as .EPS files in a variety of colours as shown in “letters and numbers” in Appendix I of these Regulations. Each number should be Hindu Arabic and be between 23cm to 28cm in height. Each letter should be from the English alphabet and be at least 5cm in height. If the design of the Playing Shirt is such that the name or number needs to be resized in order to comply with these Regulations, the franchise can seek BCCI approval to reduce the size of either the letters or the number or both. These may only be resized in scale (i.e. produced in the sizes given but their proportions should not be altered).

A custom cut of the font “alinea incise” is used for the letters in a player’s name. A custom cut of the font “franklin gothic” is used for the numbers. The “batsman icon”, which is the part of the VIVO IPL Competition Logo featuring a batsman, must be included in the bottom section of each of the numbers.

A player’s Playing Shirt number may be any number from “1” to “999”. Each player’s number shall be unique within the franchise playing squad. Subject to approval of BCCI, a franchise may elect one player in its playing squad to have no number on his Playing Shirt.

Names must be positioned below the number on the back of the Playing Shirt.

The names and numbers must not contain any advertising elements or brand names. With BCCI approval, nicknames may be used in place of family names.


Diagram B

E.2 Playing Headwear
Franchises are permitted to place a player’s order of representation number on the non-leading side of the Playing Headwear. For example, the 25th player to represent a franchise would be permitted to include the number “25” on his Playing Headwear. This number must be written in the “alinea” font and its height must not exceed 2cm.

E.3 Playing Trousers
Player numbers may not be displayed on the Playing Trousers.