C.1 Each franchise is entitled to determine the design for its Team Clothing, subject to compliance with these Regulations and approval by BCCI. Franchises should minimise the use of the colours white or cream in its Playing Clothing and Equipment – so as to provide a contrast to the colour of the cricket ball.

C.2 The colours, Logos and design of the Playing Shirts, Playing Sweaters, Playing Headwear and Playing Trousers shall be uniform to all members of the team. An exception to this is that Playing Shirt sleeves may be cut to any length, as long as both sleeves are evenly trimmed and the edges are sewn and hemmed. Franchises are permitted to place a strip featuring the colours of the Indian flag along the back of the Playing Shirt collar.

C.3 Each franchise will be permitted to use a maximum of three different designs of Playing Clothing during each season. Each design needs to be approved by the BCCI. The Logos on each such design must be identical (design, position and size). The only variation is applicable in the case of the Commercial Logos, the details of which are mentioned in section D.4 of this document.

C.4 During each Match, all players of each team must wear Playing Clothing whilst on the field of play. All members of the playing squad and support staff should wear Playing Clothing or Practice Clothing within the stadiums on match days.

C.5 Players and support staff attending post Match presentation ceremonies, press conferences and television interviews conducted before, during or after the Match are expected to be in Playing Clothing or Practice Clothing (excluding vests and shorts). Players attending the toss are expected to be in Playing Clothing.

C.6 Players shall not be permitted to wear, display or otherwise convey Personal Messages through arm bands or other markings on the clothing or equipment, unless approved in advance by the player’s franchise and the BCCI. Approval shall not be granted for messages which relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes. BCCI shall have the final say in determining whether any such Personal Message is approved.

C.7 Visible tattoos (permanent or temporary) which incorporate any Commercial Logo or Manufacturer’s Identification shall not be permitted.

C.8 Player Identification and Logos must be sewn on, fixed by heat transfer or sublimated onto Cricket Clothing and Cricket Equipment as appropriate. They may not be affixed by velcro or other temporary methods. In cases where it is not possible to exactly reproduce the Logos to a uniform size (e.g. sublimation), the Manufacturer must take account of the level of variance so that all Logos come within the maximum size restrictions set out in these Regulations.

C.9 It shall be prohibited under these Regulations for any individual to wear any clothing or use any equipment that has been changed, altered or transformed (whether to comply with these Regulations or otherwise) in any way that, in the opinion of any Match Official, undermines the professional standards that are required of all elite players. For example, and without limitation, it shall be prohibited to cover up or alter the appearance of clothing and equipment with sticking plaster or marker pens and/or to wear batting pads painted with a coloured paint that has faded or is flaking off.

C.10 Champions Emblem
The champions emblem may only be worn by previous champions. The number of champions emblem displayed shall signify the number of times the team has won the IPL (i.e. if team has won the IPL twice, it shall display the champions emblem twice).The emblem is to be placed in position N (above position C), as indicated in Diagram C on page 11.

Please note that the franchises are permitted to showcase the champions emblem in any one of their team colours as defined in their respective brand guidelines.

The champions emblem file will be provided to the franchises by BCCI in .EPS format. Please refer to the VIVO IPL Brand Guidelines for further details regarding usage of the champions emblem on the Playing Clothing.

C.11 Replica Clothing must not display any Logos that differ to those on the Playing Clothing. It can display either all or some of the Logos as they are, in terms of design, size and location, on the Playing Clothing.

C.12 Clothing and Equipment Approval
The designs of each item of Team Clothing must be sent to BCCI for approval no later than 15 February 2016. The designs can be digital or printed and must show exact dimensions of each Logo on the clothing. Any delay to this deadline will result in a fine that will be taken from central revenues as below:
• 1 –7 days delay: Rs. 10 Lakhs
• 8 –14 days delay: Rs. 15 Lakhs
• 15 –21 days delay: Rs. 25 Lakhs

A sample of each piece of finalised Team Clothing must be sent to BCCI for approval no later than 15 March 2016. Any delay to this deadline will result in a fine that will be taken from central revenue as below:
• 1 –7 days delay: Rs. 10 Lakhs
• 8 –14 days delay: Rs. 15 Lakhs
• 15 –21 days delay: Rs. 25 Lakhs

In the event that commercial arrangements are still being finalized and therefore that not all Commercial Logos are known, the respective positions should be marked with the maximum Logo size for applicable open position.

Once approved no item of Team Clothing may be changed in any respect, save for the addition of any Commercial Logos which were open at the time of the approval (as long as these Logos are subsequently approved by BCCI and fit within the maximum prescribed areas).

Each franchise must supply any item of any specific player’s Team Clothing (whether the player is in the playing XI or not), if so requested by the BCCI sponsor servicing team before or after any Match – so that the clothing may be checked for full compliance with these Regulations. BCCI has the right to insist that any areas which do not comply with these Regulations be covered during Matches until the irregularities are resolved.

Notwithstanding any approval granted by BCCI in respect of any Team Clothing, no liability shall accrue to the BCCI towards any infringement claims or ownership disputes concerning the use of Logos by any team and it is the obligation and responsibility of each team to ensure that the use of any Logo in any Team Clothing is in compliance with law.

If they are in any doubt whether other items of clothing or equipment comply with these Regulations, franchises, players and Manufacturers may submit such other items for BCCI approval in advance of using such items in Matches. BCCI reserves the right to check any such items before, during or after Matches.