The objectives which BCCI seeks to achieve through these Clothing and Equipment Regulations (“Regulations”) are:

A) to ensure a consistent approach and to treat all franchises equally;
B) to ensure professional and appropriate standards of appearance of players and support staff;
C) to protect the sponsorship rights of the league central sponsors and of franchises (including from ambush marketing);
D) to allow an opportunity for players to obtain some revenue from controlled bat advertising; and
E) to prohibit advertising connected with betting and/or gaming.

All franchises, players and the respective manufacturers of Cricket Clothing and Cricket Equipment used in the league must adhere to these Regulations, which apply to all Matches (including all friendly matches played by the franchises). Any clothing or equipment that does not comply with these Regulations is strictly prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt, a franchise may find itself in breach of these Regulations in circumstances where it issues equipment or clothing to a player or support staff which does not comply with the terms of these Regulations.

Appendix 2 sets out the disciplinary process for breaches of these Regulations. In addition, where any Match Official becomes aware of any clothing or equipment that does not comply with these Regulations, he shall be authorised to prevent the offending person from taking the field of play (or to order him from the field of play, if appropriate) until the non-compliant clothing or equipment is removed or appropriately covered up.

There shall be no requirement for the Match Official to first provide a warning before a breach of these Regulations can be established.