In this Policy the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

BCCI - The Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Cleared - The outcome, following an Official Assessment, when the Official Assessment Report states that the Player’s bowling action no longer contravenes Law 24.2 (as read with Law 24.3) of the Laws of Cricket.

Committee - The BCCI Suspect Bowling Action Committee.

Franchisee - An entity which owns and operates a Team.

ICC - The International Cricket Council.

ICC Approved Cricket Centres - The sports science centres accredited by the ICC to conduct 3D biomechanics analysis of the bowling action of cricketers, being, as of date, the SRASSC and the centres located in Loughborough, UK, Cardiff, UK and Brisbane, Australia.

Illegal Bowling Action - A bowling action which contravenes Law 24.2 (as read with Law 24.3) of the Laws of Cricket.

Initial List - As defined in clause 1.5.

IPL COO - The person appointed by BCCI from time to time to act as Chief Operating Officer of IPL (or his/her designee).

League - The Twenty20 cricket league (known at the date of adoption of this policy as the Pepsi Indian Premier League) which has been established by BCCI and which shall take place in March/April/May of each year (or such other time as may be determined by BCCI).

Match - Any cricket match (including any part or aspect thereof) in the League including the Playoff Matches.

Match Officials - The group comprising the Match Referee and the four Umpires for the relevant Match.

Match Referee - The person appointed by the BCCI as the official match referee for a Match.

National Cricket Board - A national or regional entity which is a member of the ICC or is recognised by the ICC as the entity governing the sport of cricket in a country (or collective group of countries associated for cricket purposes).

Official Assessment - The assessment undertaken by the Committee to determine the legitimacy of a Player’s bowling action under clause 4 and the report published by the Committee following such Official Assessment shall be the Official Assessment Report.

Player - Any cricketer who is selected to represent a Franchisee in any Match or who forms part of such Franchisee’s squad of players.

Playoff Match - The four Matches which take place at the end of the Season to determine the winner, runner-up, third placed and fourth placed team of the League for the Season.

Policy - This IPL Suspected Illegal Bowling Action Policy.

Report - As defined in clause 2.1.

Season - In each year, the period of time during which the League shall take place.

SRASSC - The Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy and Sports Sciences Centre in Chennai.

Team - Any team participating in the League from time to time.

Team Manager - The person appointed by the Franchisee as manager of the Team.

Umpire(s) - The umpire(s) appointed by the BCCI for the relevant Match.

Warning List - A list of Players whose names are either on the Initial List or who are Reported during the Season (and in such latter case who were not on the Initial List for the Season) and in either case, whose bowling actions have not been subsequently Cleared.

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