For the purposes of these Minimum Standards, words in italicised text shall take the definitions ascribed to them in the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code or, where there are none, those set below:

ACSU General Manager: means the individual appointed by ICC with supervisory responsibilities in relation to the ICC ACSU.

ICC Regional Security Manager: means the individual(s) appointed by the ICC’s ACSU from time to time to provide anti-corruption and security support services to the ACSU at, and around, all relevant Matches.

Internet: means the global communications system of computer networks accessible by the public whether wirelessly or through a cable feed, which interconnect, either directly or indirectly, individual computers and/or networks by accessing, among others, the World Wide Web and derivative URL addresses.

Match Official: means any of the following individuals: Match Referee, Umpire and any technical expert appointed by the BCCI to provide technological support to the Umpires from time to time.

Mobile Device: means any portable device (including a personal digital assistant (PDA), blackberry or mobile phone) which is capable of connecting to or using any mobile telecommunications technology to enable or facilitate transmission of textual material, data, voice, video or multimedia services.

Player Support Personnel: means up to 10 appropriately qualified Team Officials engaged by each Franchisee in the cricket support roles of team manager, coach, trainer, physiotherapist or analyst etc.

PMOA: means as defined in Article 2.1, below. 

Title Sponsor Official Partners Umpire Sponsor Official Broadcasters Official Digital Streaming Partner