50. Each franchise will be permitted to have a maximum of three (3) playing strips / kits across each season. Each of them needs to be approved by the BCCI.  Please note that branding guidelines are exactly the same for all the playing strips/ kits.


The logos on all the playing strips / kits must be uniform, with no variance, both in position and brand.


51. The commercial logos visible, if any, on practice clothing, bibs or other team clothing worn on match days, in practice sessions, at press conferences, at post match presentations and at television interviews must not differ from the logos that are visible on team playing clothing.


52. Players must wear playing clothing as appropriate whilst on the field of play during a match as a batsman or one of the XI on the fielding team. Only playing clothing, practice clothing or bibs issued by the team may be worn by the players and team officials within the precincts of the ground on match days.




53. Practice clothing shall mean the clothing worn by the players to practice in (excluding those worn during a match). Only practice clothing (e.g. tracksuits, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.) issued by the team may be worn by the players and team officials at all official team practice sessions. No practice clothing is to be worn by the playing XI or members of the team acting as substitute fielders on the field of play during the hours of play.




54. Members of the playing squad who are not part of the playing XI and who are not acting as substitute fielders shall be required to wear a team training bib whilst on the field of play, in the dugouts and in the area between the boundary and the perimeter boards.


The bibs must be of a significant distinguishing colour to that of the playing shirts. Please note that they should not be white or cream colour. The bibs should be sleeveless, and must feature the team logo on the upper left chest. If commercial logos are displayed, then they should mirror the branding guidelines of the playing shirt.




55. Players or team officials attending post match presentation ceremonies and press conferences as well as television interviews conducted during or after the match shall be expected to be in playing clothing, team practice clothing (excluding vests and shorts) or other appropriate team clothing.



56. Replica clothing shall mean a copy of the clothing worn by the players during a match, which is used for commercial or promotional purpose.


The replica clothing must not contain any logos that differ to the playing clothing. It can either contain all the logos as they are on the playing clothing or contain a reduced number of logos but cannot contain logos that are not on the playing clothing.

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