D)     LOGOS

D.1 VIVO IPL Competition Logo
Each franchise must display the VIVO IPL Competition Logo on the leading arm of its Playing Shirts and Playing Sweaters. Please make reference to the VIVO IPL Brand Guidelines for further details regarding usage of the VIVO IPL Competition Logo on the Playing Shirt.

D.2 Team Logo
Each franchise must display its Team Logo on the upper left front of the Playing Shirt and the Playing Sweaters and on the front of the Playing Headwear.

The Team Logo and/or the name of the team may also be incorporated in the design of the Playing Shirts, Playing Sweaters and Playing Trouser.

The Team Logo or name of the team should not contain any advertising and must not interfere with any elements of the player identification on the Playing Clothing.

D.3 Manufacturer’s Identification
A Manufacturer’s Logo may be placed in one of the approved positions on the Playing Shirt and Playing Sweater (positions A, B, D, E, F and H), Playing Trousers (positions L and M) and the Playing Headwear (positions I and J). Manufacturer’s Identification may also be placed on Cricket Equipment and other items of Cricket Clothing.

In addition, one Official Product and one Quality Feature may be placed on each of the Playing Shirt, Playing Sweater and Playing Trousers – in each case on the outer seams of the clothing.

The Official Product and the Quality Feature cannot exceed 3.22cm² (0.5 square inches) in size. These labels should not be construed as an additional branding opportunity. Please refer to Diagram C (positions O and P) and Diagram D (position Q and R) in these Regulations for where the Official Product and the Quality Feature may be displayed on the Playing Shirt and Playing Trouser respectively.

Only one Manufacturer may be identified on each article of Cricket Clothing.

D.4 Commercial Logos
Commercial Logos may be placed in any of the approved positions on the Playing Shirt, Playing Sweater, Playing Trousers and the Playing Headwear.

Apart from the exception set out in the following paragraph, the position, brand and visual identity of each Commercial Logo on the Playing Clothing must remain the same throughout the season, unless approved in advance by the BCCI, at its sole discretion.

Franchise Principal Sponsors, whose Logo is displayed on positions A and/or H of the Playing Shirt, may display the Logos of two different brands on the Playing Shirt – one brand on the Playing Shirt that is worn by players for home Matches, the second brand on the Playing Shirt that is worn by players for away Matches. The two brands must be in the same business category and be part of the same group company. For any playoff Matches in which the franchise team plays, the franchise may display all the Logos as visible on the Playing Shirts worn by the players either for home or for away matches. There cannot be a mix of Logos from both Playing Shirts. The choice must be communicated to the BCCI by the 15 March 2016.

A franchise may display a Commercial Logo on its Playing Clothing which may conflict with any sponsor or supplier of the other team.

Franchises shall abide by any laws or local regulations which restricts the advertising of any product. No compensation shall be payable should a team or player be precluded from displaying any Commercial Logos on Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment or elsewhere and a visiting team shall not pursue any action against the BCCI, host franchise or state association.

The franchise shall decide which Logos are placed on the Team Clothing and these Logos shall be common to and worn by each member of the concerned team. No individual Commercial Logos shall be worn by any player or support staff, save for the carrying of a Player’s Bat Logo on bats, as provided herein.

D.5 Logo Spacing
There should be a minimum of 20mm of clear space between any two Logos or elements of player identification on any items of Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment.

D.6 Logo Size
A Logo’s size shall be considered to be the area covered by one rectangle or two adjoining rectangles, where the axes of each rectangle are horizontal and vertical, in each case the smallest area that contains all elements of the Logo. The two rectangles must be stacked in such a way that they are neither separated nor overlapping. BCCI has the final right of approval on any Logo sizing.

As a last resort immediately before or during a Match, if any Logo is found by BCCI to exceed the maximum sizes set out in these Regulations, BCCI reserves the right to have the offending Logo area taped up, so that the Logo complies with the Regulations.

Diagram A below shows two examples of the measurement of a Logo.



Diagram A