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Anti-Corruption Code. This Anti-Corruption Code promulgated by the BCCI on the Effective Date as may be revised by BCCI in its sole discretion from time to time.

ACU BCCI. Anti-Corruption Unit of the BCCI or its designee

Associate Member. Any National Cricket Federation with associate member status of the ICC.

BCCI. The Board of Control for Cricket in India or its designee

BCCI Disciplinary Committee The Disciplinary Committee as defined in the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the BCCI.

Bet. Any wager, bet or other form of financial speculation, and Betting is the carrying out of such activity.

Betting Organization. Any company or other undertaking that promotes, brokers, arranges or conducts any form of Betting activity in relation to Matches or Events.

Commissioner. The person appointed by the President BCCI, to conduct the preliminary enquiry in relation to any Disciplinary proceedings.

Corrupt Conduct. Any act or omission that would amount to an offence under Article 2 of this Anti-Corruption Code

Champions League T20 or CLT20. The annual T20 tournament organised by the BCCI known as the Champions League T20 or CLT20.

Demand. As defined in Article 4.3.

Designated Anti-Corruption Official. The person appointed by the BCCI to fulfill the duties set out in this Anti-Corruption Code.

Director ACU. An appointee of the BCCI with supervisory responsibilities in relation to the Anti-Corruption Code.

Domestic Match. Any ‘First-Class Match’, ‘List A Limited Overs Match’ or ‘List A Twenty20 Match’, as those terms are defined in the ICC Classification of Official Cricket (as amended from time to time) including all matches organized by the BCCI ,all matches forming part of the Indian Premier League and Champions LeagueT20.

Effective Date. As defined in Article 9.3.

Event. Any competition, tournament, tour, or equivalent that involves one or more Matches.

Franchisee. The entity that owns a franchise/Team in the IPL or CLT20.

Full Member. Any National Cricket Federation with full member status of the ICC.

ICC. The International Cricket Council or its designee.

ICC Anti-Corruption Code. The ICC Anti-Corruption Code for Participants as amended from time to time.

ICC Events. Each of the following: (a) the ICC Cricket World Cup; (b) the ICC World Twenty20; (c) the ICC Champions Trophy; (d) the ICC World Cricket League Divisions 1-8 (inclusive), together with any regional qualifying events thereto; (e) the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup; (f) the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup; (g) the ICC World Cup Qualifying Tournament; (h) the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Qualifying Tournament, together with any regional qualifying events thereto; (i) the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifying Tournament; (j) the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup Qualifying Tournament, together with any regional qualifying events thereto; (k) the ICC Intercontinental Cup and Shield; and (l) any other event organized or sanctioned by the ICC from time to time to which the ICC deems it appropriate that the ICC Anti-Corruption Code should apply.

Indian Premier League or IPL. The Twenty20 cricket league which has been established by BCCI;
Ineligibility. Means the Participant is barred for a specified period of time from participation in the sport of cricket, as set out more specifically in Article.5.2

Inside Information. Any information relating to any Match or Event that a Participant possesses by virtue of his/her position within the sport. Such information includes, but is not limited to, factual information regarding the competitors in the Match or Event, the conditions, tactical considerations or any other aspect of the Match or Event, but does not include such information that is already published or a matter of public record, readily acquired by an interested member of the public, or disclosed according to the rules and regulations governing the relevant Match or Event.

International Match. Any of the following (in men’s and women’s cricket): (a) any Test Match, One Day International Match or Twenty20 International Match; (b) any Match played as part of an ICC Event; (c) any International Tour Match; or (d) any other Match organised or sanctioned by the ICC from time to time to which the ICC deems that the ICC Anti-Corruption Code should apply.
International Tour Match. Any Match played between a representative team of a Full Member (or Associate Member with Test and/or ODI or T20I Status) and any domestic, guest or invitational team.

IPL Central Accreditation. The accreditation provided by BCCI to persons by which such persons become entitled inter alia to access to all Match Venues of the IPL.

IPL Team. Any team that participates in the IPL.

Match. A cricket match of any format and duration in length in which two cricket teams compete against each other.

Member Cricket Association. A full member, associate member or affiliate member of the BCCI as contained in its Memorandum and Rules and Regulations.

National Cricket Federation. A national or regional entity which is a member of or is recognised by the ICC as the entity governing the sport of cricket in a country (or collective group of countries associated for cricket purposes).

Owner. in relation to a Franchisee shall have the meaning as contained in the relevant franchise agreement signed between that Franchisee and BCCI.

Participant. Any Player, Player Support Personnel, Umpire, Match Referee or Umpire Support Personnel.

Player. Any cricketer who is selected in any playing or touring team or squad that is chosen to represent any Member Cricket Association, IPL Team and/or CLT20 Team in any Match;

Player Support Personnel. Any coach, trainer, manager, selector, Team Official, doctor, physiotherapist or any other person employed by, representing an IPL Team, a CLT20 Team, a playing/touring team or squad that is chosen to represent a Member Cricket Association in any Domestic Match or series of such Matches.

Reward. means any direct or indirect financial or other benefit (other than official prize money and/or contracted payments under playing, service, endorsement, sponsorship or other such similar contracts).

Substantial Assistance. For purposes of Article, a Participant must: (a) fully disclose in a signed witness statement all information that he/she possesses in relation to offences under this Anti-Corruption Code and equivalent regulations, and relevant criminal offences and breaches of other professional rules; and (b) reasonably cooperate with the investigation and adjudication of any case related to that information, including, for example, presenting testimony at a hearing if requested to do so by the BCCI or other relevant body. Further, the information provided must be credible and must comprise an important part of any case that is initiated or, if no case is initiated, must have provided a sufficient basis on which a case could have been brought.

Suspension. shall have the meaning in Article 4.7.

Team. Any cricket team that participates in any Match/Event that is subject to this Anti Corruption Code

Team Official means either:

(a) any person who (i) has been provided an IPL Central Accreditation on behalf of a Team or Franchisee and (ii) is a director, secretary, officer, management staff, employee, coach, physio (or other medical personnel) or duly authorised (express or implied) agent of a Team or Franchisee or a consultant to or other person serving in any official capacity for a Team or Franchisee


(b) Any Owner.
Umpire. Any umpire (including any on-field umpire, television umpire, third or fourth umpire) appointed (by the BCCI or any other relevant party) to officiate in any Domestic Match.

Umpire Support Personnel. Any technical officials (for example, and without limitation, any official with responsibility for operating the communication equipment for Umpires and Match Referees during a Domestic Match) or umpire coaches appointed (by the BCCI or any other relevant party) to support the Umpires and/or Match Referees.