5.1 Other than in the case of a medical or security emergency, once inside the PMOA, should any Player, Player Support Personnel or Match Official need to leave for any personal or any other matter that is not related to the performance of his duties in the Match in question, the following process must be followed:

5.1.1 prior to leaving the PMOA, he/she must obtain the express permission of either (a) the ICC Regional Security Manager, or (b) where the ICC Regional Security Manager is unavailable, the relevant team manager (in the case of a Player or Player Support Personnel) or Match Referee (in the case of an Umpire), who must as soon as possible report the grant of any such permission to the ICC Regional Security Manager.

GUIDANCE NOTE: such permission must explicitly set out where the Player, Player Support Personnel or Match Official is allowed to go within the venue, for what purpose and with whom he/she is entitled to communicate in order to complete that purpose.

5.1.2 whilst outside of the PMOA, the Player, Player Support Personnel or Match Official must

(a) carry his/her PMOA accreditation card and display it again prior to returning to the PMOA;

(b) comply with all of the restrictions on use of communication devices described in Article 4, as if such person was still in the PMOA; and

(c) only communicate with those third parties with whom he/she has permission to communicate and only engage in such communications as are necessary for the completion of such purposes as have been approved.