1.1 BCCI has adopted these Minimum Standards in support of the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code and the fundamental sporting imperatives which that Code is designed to address. In particular, the Minimum Standards seek to combat advancing mobile communication technology and increasing sophistication in the methods by which betting takes place on cricket matches, by restricting to the greatest extent possible all methods of communication between Players, Player Support Personnel and Match Officials with all third parties from the moment that they first enter the PMOA on the day of an IPL Match right through until the formal conclusion of the IPL Match (i.e. after the last ball has been bowled).

1.2 All Franchisees, Players, Player Support Personnel and Match Officials: (a) are automatically bound by and required to comply with all of the provisions of these Minimum Standards; and (b) agree to submit to the authority of the ACU General Manager and the Director ACU (and/or any individual appointed by either to act on his/her behalf), to adopt, apply, monitor and enforce these Minimum Standards.

1.3 For the avoidance of any doubt, nothing in these Minimum Standards is intended to limit the responsibilities of any Franchisee, Player, Player Support Personnel or Match Official under the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code or any other BCCI or IPL regulations that may apply from time to time.

1.4 The Minimum Standards shall come into full force and effect on 1 March 2016 and shall replace all previous versions of the Minimum Standards.