Law 41 shall apply subject to the following:

41.1Law 41.1 - Protective equipment
The following shall apply in addition to Law 41.1:

The exchanging of protective equipment between members of the fielding side on the field shall be permitted provided that the umpires do not consider that it constitutes a waste of playing time.

41.2 Restrictions on the placement of fielders

41.2.1At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than 5 fielders on the leg side.

41.2.2In addition to the restriction contained in clause 41.2.1 above, further fielding restrictions shall apply to certain overs in each innings. The nature of such fielding restrictions and the overs during which they shall apply (hereinafter referred to as the Powerplay overs) are set out in the following clauses.

a)Subject to 41.2.3 below these additional fielding restrictions shall apply to the first 6 overs of each innings (Powerplay overs).

b)Two semi-circles shall be drawn on the field of play. The semi-circles shall have as their centre the middle stump at either end of the pitch. The radius of each of the semi-circles shall be 30 yards (27.43 metres). The semi-circles shall be linked by two parallel straight lines drawn on the field. (Refer attached Appendix 5). These fielding restriction areas should be marked by continuous painted white lines or ‘dots’ at 5 yard (4.57 metres) intervals, each ‘dot’ to be covered by a white plastic or rubber (but not metal) disc measuring 7 inches (18 cm) in diameter.

c)During the Powerplay overs only two fielders shall be permitted outside this fielding restriction area at the instant of delivery.

d)During the non Powerplay overs, no more than 5 fielders shall be permitted outside the fielding restriction area referred to in clause 41.2.2 b above.

41.2.3 In circumstances when the number of overs of the batting team is reduced, the number of Powerplay overs shall be reduced in accordance with the table below. For the sake of clarity, it should be noted that the table shall apply to either or both the 1st and 2nd innings of the match.

Total overs

No. of overs for which fielding in innings restrictions in clauses 41.2.2 a and 41.2.2 c above will apply











41.2.4 If an innings of the match is interrupted during an over and if on the resumption of play, due to the reduced number of overs of the batting team, the required number of Powerplay overs have already been bowled, the remaining deliveries in the over to be completed shall not be subject to the fielding restrictions.

41.2.5 In the event of an infringement of any of the above fielding restrictions, the square leg umpire shall call and signal ‘No Ball’.

41.3Law 41.7 - Movement by fielders other than the wicket keeper

Law 41.7 shall apply.