1.1 All Players and Team Officials are bound by and required to comply with all of the provisions of the Anti-Racism Code. Accordingly, by their participation (in the case of a Player) or assistance in participation or other involvement (in the case of a Team Official) in a Match, such Players and Team Officials shall be deemed to have agreed:

1.1.1 that it is their personal responsibility to familiarise themselves with all of the requirements of the Anti-Racism Code, including what conduct constitutes an offence under the Anti-Racism Code;

1.1.2 to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any Commissioner or Appeal Commission convened under the Anti-Racism Code to hear and determine charges brought (and any appeals in relation thereto) pursuant to the Anti-Racism Code; and

1.1.3 not to bring any proceedings in any court or other forum that are inconsistent with the foregoing submission to the jurisdiction of the Commissioner or Appeal Commission.

1.2 All Players and Team Officials shall continue to be bound by and required to comply with the Anti-Racism Code until three (3) months after the termination of his or her contract or, in respect of any Team Official, any other arrangements with a Franchisee and BCCI shall continue to have jurisdiction over him/her under the Anti-Racism Code thereafter in respect of matters taking place prior to that point.

1.3 Without prejudice to Articles 1.1 and 1.2, the ICC and the National Cricket Federations shall be primarily responsible for promoting Anti-Racism Code awareness and education amongst all Players and Team Officials.

1.4 It is acknowledged that certain Players and Team Officials may also be subject to rules of the ICC and/or National Cricket Federations that govern discipline and/or conduct, and that the same conduct of such Players and/or Team Officials may implicate not only the Anti-Racism Code but also such other rules that may apply. For the avoidance of any doubt, Players and Team Officials acknowledge and agree that: (a) the Anti-Racism Code is not intended to limit the responsibilities of any Player or Team Official under such other rules; and (b) nothing in such other rules shall be capable of removing, superseding or amending in any way the jurisdiction of the Commissioner or Appeal Commission to determine matters properly arising pursuant to the Anti-Racism Code.

1.5 The conduct prohibited under the Anti-Racism Code may also constitute a breach of other applicable laws or regulations (e.g. governing equal opportunities and/or anti-discrimination). The Anti-Racism Code is intended to supplement such laws and regulations with further rules of professional conduct for those involved in the League. It is not intended, and may not be interpreted, construed or applied, to prejudice or undermine in any way the application of such laws and regulations. Players and Team Officials must comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times.

1.6 For the avoidance of doubt, all Umpires officiating in any Matches are bound by and required to comply with all of the provisions of the IPL Code of Conduct for Umpires.