4.1 Any Player (i) whose name is on the Initial List or the Warning List or (ii) who is banned from bowling in Matches pursuant to paragraph 1.6 may request an Official Assessment.

4.2 Before a Player can request an Official Assessment, he is required to visit one of the ICC Approved Cricket Centres for a 3D biomechanics analysis of his bowling action. The ICC Approved Cricket Centre will produce a detailed report of such analysis for the Player.

4.3 A request for an Official Assessment should be in writing, addressed to the IPL COO (with a copy sent by email) to be delivered to Cricket Centre, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 400 020. The request should enclose the report referred to in paragraph 4.2.

4.4 BCCI will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Committee holds an Official Assessment within 7 days of the date on which such written request is received by the IPL COO and will give notice to the Player and his Team Manager of the date of the same.

4.5 BCCI shall be responsible for arranging the Official Assessment with the members of the Committee. If the Committee requires the Player to attend the Official Assessment in person, he will be given reasonable notice of the time and place of the Official Assessment. If it believes it to be useful, the Committee may request that a further analysis of the Player’s bowling action be prepared by the SCASSC.

4.6 Following the Official Assessment, the Committee will issue a report in writing of the outcome of the Official Assessment (the ‘Official Assessment Report’) as soon as practicable. The report will be issued to the Player, the Player’s Team Manager and BCCI.

4.7 The Official Assessment report will state that the Committee has concluded that either

(a) the Player’s bowling action contravenes Law 24.2 (as read with Law 24.3) of the Laws of Cricket and therefore the Player remains on the Warning List or suspended from bowling in Matches and matches organised by BCCI (as appropriate); or
(b) the Player’s bowling action no longer contravenes Law 24.2 (as read with Law 24.3) of the Laws of Cricket and the Player’s bowling action is Cleared and his name should be removed from the Warning List, or
(c) the Player’s bowling action for certain deliveries contravenes Law 24.2 (as read with Law 24.3) of the Laws of Cricket and therefore the Player is banned from bowling that specific delivery in Matches and matches organised by the BCCI.

4.8 In the event of a Player failing to submit the report referred to in paragraph 4.2, or appear (if requested by the Committee) at, the Official Assessment (other than due to exceptional circumstances), such failure will be regarded as an admission that he bowls with an Illegal Bowling Action and the Committee will confirm this in their Official Assessment Report.

4.9 A Player whose action is Cleared may bowl in Matches after receipt by the Player of the Official Assessment Report and have his name removed from the Warning List. However any Player who is Reported after having been Cleared during the Season will be banned from bowling for the rest of the Season.

4.10 The Player / Franchisee shall be responsible for the cost of the analysis and report prepared by the ICC Approved Cricket Centre.

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