3.1 BCCI will circulate the Warning List to all Match Officials and Franchisees from time to time during the Season as it is updated as Players are Reported or Cleared.

3.2 BCCI recommends that any Player who is banned from bowling in Matches pursuant to paragraph 1.6 or who is on the Initial List or the Warning List should undergo a course of bowling rehabilitation and/or corrective measures taken to ensure that the Player’s bowling action does not contravene Law 24. In order to assist this process, it is recommended that BCCI facilitate an initial assessment of the bowler’s action at the SRASSC.

3.3 While on the Warning List, the Player may continue to be selected to play for his Team in a Match and may bowl in any Match.

3.4 If a Player receives a Report while on the Warning List, the Player shall be suspended from bowling in any matches organised by the BCCI until such date as his bowling action is Cleared. A Player suspended from bowling may continue to be selected to play in Matches; however, he will not be entitled to bowl.

3.5 In the event that a Player is suspended from bowling under this Policy, BCCI will, in writing, inform the Player, the Player’s Team Manager, the relevant Franchisee, all Match Officials officiating during the Season and the relevant National Cricket Board (if he is an overseas player) or State Association (if he is an Indian player) with which the Player is registered.

3.6 BCCI shall, following the suspension of any Player under this Policy, make a media statement as soon as practicable to the effect that the Player has been suspended from bowling.