Calculation sheet for the start of the second innings 

Maximum overs to be bowled (if first innings was terminated, S from Appendix 2B) __________ (A)
Scheduled length of innings: [A x4.25](excludes time-outs) __________ (B)
Start time __________ (C)
Scheduled cessation time [C + B](plus time-outs if applicable) __________ (D)
Overs per bowler and Fielding Restrictions
Maximum overs per bowler [A /5] __________ (E)
Number of Powerplay overs [Refer to 41.2.3] __________ (F)


Calculation sheet for use when interruption occurs after the start of the Second Innings of IPL Matches


Time at start of innings (A)
Time at start of interruption (B)
Time innings in progress {B-A} (excluding time outs taken) (C)
Restart time (D)
Length of interruption [D – B] (E)
Extra time available (F)
Time made up from reduced time-outs / Early start if applicable (G)
Total playing time lost [E – F – G] (H)


Maximum overs at start of innings (I)
Overs lost [H / 4.25] ignore fractions (J)
Adjusted maximum length of innings I – J] (excluding time outs) (K)
Rescheduled length of innings [K x4.25] (L)

Amended cessation time of innings [D + (L – C) (M)

Overs per bowler, Fielding Restrictions & Time-outs

Max. overs per bowler [K / 5] ____________ overs
Number of Powerplay overs [refer to 41.2.3]  ____________ overs
Latest fielding team time-out (if applicable) [refer 15.2.7]  ____________ over
Latest Batting team time-out (if applicable) [refer 15.2.7]  ____________ over