Calculation sheet for use when delays or interruptions occur in the first innings of IPL Matches


Net playing time available at start of the match170 minutes   (A)
Time innings in progress_____________ (B)
Playing time lost_____________ (C)
Extra time available_____________ (D)
Time made up from reduced interval or time-outs_____________ (E)
Effective playing time lost [C - (D + E)]_____________ (F)
Remaining playing time available (A - F)_____________ (G)
G divided by 4.25 (to 2 decimal places)_____________ (H)
Max overs per team [H/2] (rounded up if not a whole number)_____________ (I)
Max overs per bowler [I / 5 ]_____________
Number of Powerplay overs [Refer to 41.2.3] __________ overs
Latest fielding team time-out (if applicable) [refer 15.2.7] ____________ over
Latest Batting team time-out (if applicable) [refer 15.2.7] ____________ over

Rescheduled Playing Hours

First session to commence or recommence_____________ (J)
Length of innings [I x 4.25]_____________ (K)
Rescheduled cessation time [(J + K) - B]plus time for time-outs_____________(L)
Length of interval_____________(M)
Second session commencement time(L+M)_____________ (N)
Rescheduled cessation time = (N + K) plus time for time-outs_____________(O)

* ensure that the match is not finishing earlier than the original or rescheduled cessation time by applying Clause 12.4.2 (a) iv). If so, add at least one over to each team and recalculate (I) to (O) above to prevent this from happening.


Calculation sheet to check whether an interruption during the First Innings should terminate the innings

Proposed re-start time __________ (P)
Rescheduled cut-off time allowing for full use of any extra time provision __________ (Q)
Minutes between P and Q  __________ (R)
Potential overs to be bowled [R / 4.25] (round up fractions) __________ (S)
Number of complete overs faced to date in first innings __________ (T)

If S is greater than T then revert to Appendix 2A. If S is less than or equal to T then the first innings is terminated and go to Appendix 3A.

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