Law 17 shall apply subject to the following:

17.1Law 17.1 - Practice on the pitch or the rest of the square

Law 17.1 shall apply subject to the following:

a)The use of the square for practice on any day of any match will be restricted to any netted practice area or bowling strips specifically prepared on the edge of the square for that purpose.

b)Bowling practice on the bowling strips referred to in (a) above shall also be permitted during the interval (but not during time-outs) unless the umpires consider that, in the prevailing conditions of ground and weather, it will be detrimental to the surface of the square.

17.2Law 17.3 - Practice on the outfield between the call of play and the call of time

Law 17.3 shall apply save that Law 17.3 (c) shall be replaced with the following:

c) There shall be no bowling or batting practice on the outfield. Bowling a ball, using a short run up to a player in the outfield is not to be regarded as bowling practice but shall be subject to the law.