Samples collected under the Rules shall be analysed in accordance with the following principles:

6.1 Use of Accredited and Approved Laboratories

For the purposes of Article 2.1, Samples shall be sent for analysis only to WADA-accredited laboratories or laboratories otherwise approved by WADA. The choice of the WADA-accredited orWADA-approved laboratory used for the Sample analysis shall be determined exclusively by the BCCI.
6.2 Purpose of Analysis of Samples

Samples shall be analysed:

6.2.1 to detect Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods identified on the Prohibited List and other substances as may be directed by WADA pursuant to the Monitoring Program described in Article 4.5 of the World Anti-Doping Code; and/or

6.2.2 to assist the BCCI in profiling relevant parameters in a Cricketer’s urine, blood or other matrix, including DNA or genomic profiling, for anti-doping purposes.
Samples may be collected and stored for future analysis.
6.3 Restrictions on Use of Samples

6.3.1 All Samples provided by a Cricketer for the purposes of Testing under theRules shall be the property of the BCCI, and the BCCI shall be entitled to determine all matters regarding the analysis and disposal of such Samples at all times in accordance with the International Standards.

6.3.2 No Sample may be used for research without the Cricketer’s written consent. A Sample used (with the Cricketer’s consent) for purposes other than as described in Article 6.2 shall have any means of identification removed so that it cannot be traced back to the Cricketer that provided it.

6.4 Standards for Sample Analysis and Reporting

6.4.1 Laboratories shall analyse Samples and report results to the BCCI in conformity with the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standard for Laboratories.

6.4.2 The BCCI shall pay the costs of collection and analysis of Samples under the Rules.

6.4.3 Any Adverse Analytical Findings reported by the laboratory shall be dealt with as set out in Article 7.2. Any Atypical Findings reported by the laboratory shall be dealt with as set out in Article 7.3.

6.5 Further Analysis ofSamples

6.5.1 Any Sample may be subject to further analysis at any time before both the A and the B Sample analytical results (or A Sample result where the B Sample analysis has been waived or will not be performed) have been communicated by the BCCI to the Cricketer as the asserted basis for an Article 2.1 anti-doping rule violation.

6.5.2 Samples collected pursuant to the Rules may be stored and subjected to further analysis for the purposes described in Article 6.2 at any time exclusively at the direction of the BCCI or WADA. (Any Sample storage or further analyses initiated by WADA shall be at WADA’s expense).Further analysis ofSamples shall conform with the requirements of the International Standard for Laboratories and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.